About us
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A platform for the global exchange of knowledge

Science is constantly in flux. Clinicians are therefore in need of a platform where they can meet up and share and expand their expertise. This was the premise of our first symposium in Freiburg held in 1967. At that event, over 800 experts from 18 countries discussed the topic of jaundice. With that, our international symposia were born.

In 1978, Dr. Dr. Herbert Falk, himself a physician and pharmacist, founded Falk Foundation e.V. as an independent organization to provide continuing medical education to physicians practicing in gastroenterology and hepatology. Since then, more than 130,000 scientists from 110 countries have taken part in 270 international symposia and workshops. The Falk Foundation rapidly gained prominence through its series of renowned national and international events as well as its extensive written resources for physicians and patients.


Promoting exchange, stimulating innovation

Our mission at the Falk Foundation is to promote innovation and discourse between physicians. Our guiding belief: Knowledge drives everything.

Medical Education

The highest priority for the Falk Foundation is providing tailored continuing medical education. This includes face-to-face and online events that bring experts together from the field of digestive and metabolic medicine. A broad selection of written resources also help ensure the exchange of knowledge. 

Wide-ranging continuing education

The employees of the Falk Foundation organize and support a wide range of continuing medical education events, from regional meetings to international seminars to webinars.

Extensive range of written resources

Physicians and pharmacists can find current information on indications, diagnostic techniques, and treatments from magazines, booklets, and other technical publications by the Falk Foundation. These include the monthly newsletter Falk Gastro-Info and the Falk Gastro-Kolleg for certified self-study CME, both of which are in German, as well as the Falk Gastro Review Journal with recent insights from research and clinical practice, which is available in several languages.

Recognition and honors

Several awards sponsored by the Falk Foundation honor excellent scientific accomplishments and are designed to motivate young researchers in particular. These well-endowed prizes include the Herbert Falk Prize and the Adolf Windaus Prize. Promoting young researchers is a major mission of the Falk Foundation, which is why we award several scholarships in addition to the prizes.

Better living through knowledge

As an independent scientific organization, Falk Foundation e.V. prioritizes the sharing of knowledge in the field of digestive and metabolic medicine. Resources and events are offered to provide in-depth medical expertise through in-person and online channels to promote medical and scientific advances. This is reflected in our motto: working together to improve knowledge, innovation, and living.