Endosonography with targeted aspiration of the suspicious mass


This is the case of a 70-year-old woman with pancreatic cancer who underwent a Whipple procedure. At the time, she had stage pT3N1. Afterwards, she received adjuvant chemotherapy. At a routine follow-up examination, sonography produced a suspicious abdominal finding.
For this reason, an endosonography with repeat visualization and targeted aspiration of the suspicious area was performed.


Take home messages:

Endosonography allows targeted aspiration of otherwise difficult-to-reach lesions in the abdomen and mediastinum.

Depending on the texture of the pathological specimen, a small cylinder of tissue can be obtained; nevertheless, the diagnosis is mostly verified by cytology.



Live endoscopy from the HSK Dr. Horst Schmidt Hospitals in Wiesbaden in collaboration with „Video Journal and Encyclopedia of GI Endoscopy“.

Recording in the context of the Falk Symposium 185 „Interfaces and Controversies in Gastroenterology“ on October 3rd – 4th, 2012.
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Presented by:
Erwin Günther, HSK Dr. Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken Wiesbaden, Germany

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