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Falk Foundation e.V. provides a platform for experts in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology to meet and communicate with one another. Its wide range of events provide continuing medical education to professionals. Written resources and other media are also available to provide clinicians, students, and researchers with up-to-date and comprehensive information on diseases, diagnostic procedures, and treatments.

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Symposia and online live events educational opportunities

The Falk Foundation events provide a forum for experts in the field of digestive and metabolic medicine to share their expertise. These continuing education events are held at the regional and international levels as webinars or as hybrids of in-person and online interactions.

Due to the pandemic situation, the insufficient vaccinations in many regions of the world, the resulting restrictions of international travel as well as the limitations in organizing large events it is not possible for the Falk Foundation to reliably plan our international Symposia.

As soon as the pandemic situation permits organizing and holding international events again, we will schedule and announce our traditional Symposia.

Gut Microbiome: Structure, Metabolic Activity and Clinical Application

On-demand version of the Online Live Event from March 3, 2021
Duration: ca. 2:30 hours

  • Session I: Microbial profiling – are we there yet – Science meets clinical practice
  • Session II: Practical challenges of manipulating the microbiome
  • Panel discussion: FMT – the global perspective – is there a consensus view?


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