Falk Symposia

Symposium 240: Experimental Hepatology Days

Our new format „Experimental Hepatology Days“ in Zurich this year, was a great success and will take place in the lovely city of Lyon, France in 2025.
It is our goal to bring together leading experts from all around the world, who are focused on different aspects of basic and translational hepatobiliary research.
We specifically encourage young researchers and clinician scientists to participate and present their ongoing research projects.
The program will be developed by Prof. Robert Thimme, University of Freiburg and Prof. Jan Tacke, Charité Berlin together with their international medical experts Prof. Jessica Zucman-Rossi Prof. Fabien Zoulim and Prof. Mathías Avila.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lyon!

08 May 2025 - 10 May 2025
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