Falk Symposia

Symposium: Liver Transplantation Meets Cancer

In the ever-evolving landscape of hepatology and hepatobiliary surgery, this year's symposium will focus on the intricate interplay between liver transplantation and cancer. We will explore the fields of Tumor Evolution, Tumor Host Interaction, cover the areas of Tumor Heterogeneity and complex Diagnostics and will finally discuss current and novel questions in the field of Liver Transplantation for Extended Allocation.
Our goal is to present the latest breakthroughs and best practices that aim to strike the delicate balance between saving lives through transplantation and managing the complex issue of cancer recurrence in these patients.
In addition to the oral presentations, poster sessions will be scheduled on both days, providing a platform for comprehensive discussions and knowledge sharing.
Our symposium precedes the 40th Annual Meeting of the German Association for the Study of the Liver (GASL), to which we also extend a warm invitation.

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25. Januar 2024 - 26. Januar 2024

Die Veranstaltung liegt in der der Vergangenheit

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